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For 30 years, the Makaha Sons have committed themselves to perpetuating traditional Hawaiian music throughout Hawai‘i and the World. In 1976 the Makaha Sons of Ni‘ihau began its professional career with five members as an opening act in a small nightclub known as “Uptown Yokos.” Throughout the years the group has reorganized several times; from members seeking other professional careers, to the untimely passing of two key members of the original group. The Sons have since evolved into a trio, consisting of members Louis “Moon” Kauakahi on 6-string guitar, John Koko on upright acoustic bass and Jerome Koko on 12-string guitar.

Today, the Makaha Sons, considered to be one of Hawai‘i’s premiere Hawaiian musical groups, continue to perpetuate that vibrant sound, full and rich with harmonies that only they can create. Their incomparable vocal arrangements and delightful stage presence filled with comical antics have won the hearts of thousands of fans worldwide.

In commemoration of the group’s 30th anniversary, the Sons reflect back to the times and places they have had the privilege and honor to have been a part of. Their performances have taken them to such prestigious places as Carnegie Hall in New York City, Washington, D. C., and here in Hawai‘I, with performances for both the President and Vice-President of the United States. They have also appeared on the movie, “North Shore” and have been featured guests on shows as “The Captain and Tennille Show,” NBC’s “Today Show” with Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric. Here locally they have appeared on shows such as “Island Music, Island Heart,” “Emme’s Island Moments” and have had the honor of performing alongside with one of America’s musical icons, Kenny Loggins of “Loggins and Messina” fame.

The Sons have also received numerous proclamations and awards, both here and in the continental U.S. for their continuous and undying efforts in perpetuating Hawaiian culture through music. Their peers in music have also acknowledged their efforts by awarding them countless “Na Hoku Hanohano Awards” for their timeless recordings and steadfast commitment to the music of Hawai‘i. They have released 21 CD’s, their latest compilation titled “Heke Wale No – Only the Very Best of the Makaha Sons,” with songs from their last five recordings from 1994 to present.

Ever mindful of the future for both the music and culture, the Makaha Sons have recently formed the “Makaha Sons Foundation”, which have generously supported a variety of organizations, from helping some of Hawai‘i’s officers of the police department, families afflicted with illnesses, to providing scholarships each year to a deserving high school graduating senior. The Makaha Sons: Moon, John, and Jerome are ever-so thankful and overjoyed to see a whole new generation of young Hawaiian artists spring to life. The legacy of Hawaiian Music continues through the efforts and recordings of such performers as Raiatea Helm, Natalie Ai Kamauu, Hoku Zuttermeister, Barry Kimokeo, Na Kama, and many, many others.

On June 17, 2006 the Makaha Sons’ “Take a Walk in the Country” concert will take place at the Neil S. Blaisdell arena, commemorating this, their fourth annual event usually held at the Waikiki Shell. They are very grateful to the people who have supported them throughout their performing years and acknowledge some of the many supporters who have done so:

  • Sam Choy
  • Lyle Hosoda
  • Kahele ‘Ohana
  • Kauakahi ‘Ohana
  • Koko ‘Ohana
  • Sharlene Oshiro
  • Lea Uehara/Tropical Music
  • Myrna Young
  • Promoters, media companies

The Makaha Sons Entertain All At Green River Community College

Auburn, Wa. - May 16, 2008

With summer-like weather and sweet nahehane, you could almost imagine you were in Hawai’i. Auburn provided the warm temperatures and the Makaha Sons supplied the Hawaiian music, something they have been doing for over thirty years. The Sons performed at Green River Community College last night to a sold out audience.

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The Sons return from San Diego

The Makaha Sons have returned from San Diego after their sold-out Christmas Concert Performance with Keali'i Reichel. We have posted pictures from Sharlene, who flew up with the Sons, and we also have a link to pictures posted by Tula Productions from the evening.

Makaha Sons' photo gallerys

Tula Productions photos

New Sam Choy's BLC commercial

For all of you Makaha Sons Fans in Hawai‘i, keep your eyes open for the new Sam Choy's BLC commercial featuring Jerome with wife Yolanda and granddaughter Sissy. The commercial is in rotation now!

Updated pictures of Baby Pai‘ea posted

John and No‘eau Koko have sent over pictures of their grandson, Baby Pai‘ea Koko to share with everyone. Proud parents John, Jr. and Misty look forward to bringing Pai‘ea to Hawai‘i to visit with family and friends in the very near future. Enjoy!

Pai‘ea's updated gallery

*The Makaha Sons East Coast Tour 2007 Updates*

Aloha everyone! There has been so much news regarding the Makaha Sons' East Coast Tour that we've decided to make this very special section and we will be updating it as often as possible with news of our beloved Sons. Check here daily as updates will be posted as they become available from the Sons and Sharlene.

The Makaha Sons website receives 1.9 million hits!

The Sons, Hoku, Ioane and Sharlene are on their way back to Hawai‘i and the Makaha Sons East Coast Tour 2007 has come to an end.  Over the course of the past week-and-a-half we have brought you all of the news from the road and the Sons are so grateful to all of you who came to the shows and who turned to our newsletters and the website for all of your support and many, many emails full of kind words and sentiments.  You, the Makaha Sons’ Fans, have been so supportive that you have helped the Sons to accomplish a feat that they never would have realized without ALL of you.  For the month of September, the Makaha Sons’ website has received 1.9 million hits and that is all because of your support!!!  We started the month with the wedding of Moon & Kyoko and ended the month with one of the most successful tours the Makaha Sons have ever embarked upon.  The Sons are so very excited at your response to all of the happenings in the MS Family and we cannot say it enough; YOU are the reason the Sons continue to bring the music of Hawai‘i to shores beyond the islands, beyond the U.S. and into new opportunities in more countries around the world!
The last gallery from the Sons’ tour has been posted and this gallery covers their travels into and around Maryland as well as their performance at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center.  Herb Ohta, Jr. and Keoki Kahumoku joined the Sons and Hoku in Maryland and an evening of fun was had by all.

View the Maryland gallery

There are so many firsts for the Sons that have happened on this tour, from appearing on Boston local morning news to one of the most memorable occasions in Makaha Sons’ history – singing the National Anthem in front of nearly 70,000 fans at an NFL football game.  Moon, John and Jerome are huge sports fans and the National Anthem will forever stand out in their hearts as a moment that made time stand still.

We are so very glad that we could share all of these special moments with all of you and the Sons send their very best to all of you as well as their heart-felt ‘mahalo’ for being the best fan base that any group could ever have!

New gallery posted - Travel to Pennsylvania/Duquesne Performance

The latest gallery from the Makaha Sons’ 2007 East Coast Tour is now available.  This gallery includes images from the Sons’ travels to and around Pennsylvania as well as images from the Sons’ performance at the Duquesne Masonic Hall.  Mahalo to everyone who came out to Duquesne to see the Sons; it was an intimate setting and filled with the energy that only the Makaha Sons and Hoku Zuttermeister can generate!                                         

The Sons are known for their on-stage playfulness, but notice in the gallery where the tables have been turned on The King, John Koko…never fall asleep in front of the Sons or their crew when traveling or you may wake up surprised with the evidence of what transpired while you napped!

View the Pennsylvania gallery

New gallery posted - Driving to New York/Triad Performances

The latest gallery has been posted for all of you to enjoy. This covers the Sons' journey from New Hampshire to New York and pictures of their performance at The Triad in New York City. Mahalo to everyone that came out to see the Sons in New York. The Makaha Sons will be returning to New York next spring for a performance at Carnegie Hall so keep checking back here and we will post details as soon as they become available!

View the New York gallery

Makaha Sons at the Patriot's game gallery posted

On Sunday, September 23, 2007 the Makaha Sons, along with Hoku Zuttermeister and Ioane Burns, kicked off the third game of the 2007 NFL season for the New England Patriots with a rousing a cappella rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner”.  All five singers were dressed in Patriots’ team jerseys and wore orchid lei flown in from Hawai‘i.  Moon, John, Jerome, Hoku and Ioane stood at the 50-yard line in front of the color guard, the Patriot cheerleaders and almost 70,000 appreciative fans at the Patriots’ home field, the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

In typical Makaha Sons style, the five gentlemen put the signature Makaha Sons wall of harmony stamp on the National Anthem and made it their very own.  Hoku took the lead with his golden voice soaring over everyone in the stadium, while the Sons and Ioane formed the backing track and gave this very moving song a Hawaiian spirit that left the Patriots’ fans in awe!  Because of the last-minute invitation, Sons group leader Moon Kauakahi had only 1 day to work out the 5 vocal parts and everyone practiced in the hotel as well as before they were shuffled onto the field.  There was nervousness, but determined energy to make all of Hawai‘i and all of the Makaha Sons fans proud.

As their voices rose in volume and emotion to the songs climax, fireworks were launched and a pair of Air Force F18 fighter jets flew overhead.  The fans cheered and our 5 local boys were fighting back the overwhelming emotional wave building up within each of them and hit the last strains of the anthem with everything they had!

As these men left the field, they were greeted with ‘high 5’s” from the fans lining the lower rows of the stadium and were given the thumbs-up by the members of the Patriot’s organization while they yelled “Tremendous job!” to these 5 humbled men.

Sharlene has sent many pictures of this milestone event in the lives of Moon, John, Jerome, Hoku and Ioane and we have placed all of the images in the latest gallery now available on the Sons’ photo gallery page:


Mahalo for all of your emails about the Sons, Hoku and Ioane as they continue their travels on the 2007 East Coast Tour.  We have found out from those who saw the TV telecast of the game that the singing of the National Anthem wasn’t broadcast after all.  The Hawai‘i CBS affiliate, KGMB, did not receive the broadcast as they had already contracted to show a different game weeks in advance of the Sons being invited to sing at the Patriot’s game.  So, we have not been able to secure the video footage of these 5 men representing Hawai‘i at the game, but we are very proud of them all!!

Press release about the Makaha Sons singing the National Anthem

Sharlene has prepared a press release that has been sent to all media outlets about the Sons performing the National Anthem with Hoku Zuttermeister and Ioane Burns. Please click on the link below to view the press release. The Adobe Reader is required to view this document. Click here to download the Adobe Reader if you cannot view the document.

View the Makaha Sons press release

Makaha Sons galleries from the road

The Makaha Sons want to thank all of you for your kind words in response to their performance on Fox 25 in Boston and their appearance at the Patriots game to sing the National Anthem.  We have been hearing from many of you that had the opportunity to see the game on television and, unfortunately, the Sons apparently were not shown.  We are trying to secure the footage from available sources and if we are allowed to, will share it with you.  Sharlene was at the game and will be sending still pictures home throughout the evening.

This brings us to our current announcement.  Sharlene will be sending images back to Hawai’i for us to post on the site and for the first time in Makaha Sons history, you will see their travels while they are still on the road.  You will see in the pictures posted throughout the week the Makaha Sons’ newest sound engineer, Ioane Burns.  Ioane plays bass and sings with Hoku Zuttermeister as part of the duo known as Kana’e.  We would like to welcome Ioane to the MS Family and look forward to him sharing his engineering talents with you as you listen to the Makaha Sons at their upcoming live performances.  We have just posted pictures from their first two days in the Boston/New Hampshire areas and you can view them through the Sons’ photo gallery.

The Makaha Sons and Hoku Zuttermeister on national TV!

Big, big news fresh from the East Coast!!  The Makaha Sons and Hoku Zuttermeister have been asked by the New England Patriots to sing the National Anthem at the opening of this weekend’s game against the Buffalo Bills at Gillette Stadium.  The game will be broadcast by CBS in some regions at 1pm Eastern.  Unfortunately, for those of us in Hawai‘i, our local CBS affiliate will not be broadcasting the game so check your local CBS station schedules for broadcast details.

The Sons and Hoku are honored to be given this privilege and with humbled pride have accepted the invitation.  Tune in to your local CBS station this Sunday, September 23 and watch the Makaha Sons and Hoku singing live on national TV!!

The Makaha Sons and Hoku Zuttermeister on Fox 25 Boston

The Makaha Sons and Hoku Zuttermeister performed live on myfox Boston's morning news show and the station has posted a video of the appearance.

View the video on Fox 25's site

Moon weds!

On September 7, 2007, Makaha Sons group leader Louis "Moon" Kauakahi wed the beautiful Kyoko Yamamoto in a beachside ceremony at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel. We have posted an overview and a very large gallery of images from the evening's festivities. Subscribers to the Makaha Sons mailing list have had access to this gallery since Sunday, September 9 and we have now opened access to everyone.

Congratulations Moon and Kyoko from everyone in the Makaha Sons Family...we wish you much joy and happiness for your future together!

Click here to read an overview of the evening

Click here to view Moon's wedding gallery

Second show at The Triad in NY is a go!

Due to the overwhelming response to our request for emails from interested fans for a 9pm show at The Triad, the Makaha Sons have approved a second show! Mahalo, everyone, for your kind emails! Please keep in mind that tickets purchased from today forward (September 6, 2007) will be for the 9pm show.


Ticket information page

We have recently added a concert ticket page to the Makaha Sons site that contains links to purchase tickets for some of the Sons' upcoming performances. Recent additions include the following:
  • Las Vegas, December 24

"The Makaha Sons - Live At The Hawaii Theatre" DVD - $20

To celebrate the Makaha Sons’ recent dual-win for Best DVD from the Hawai‘i Academy of Recording Arts and the Hawaii Music Foundation, the Makaha Sons, Moon, John and Jerome, have authorized a new suggested retail price of $20 for “The Makaha Sons – Live At The Hawaii Theatre” DVD!

Sharlene is also offering a special deal if you purchase both the Hawaii Theatre DVD and Sam Choy’s Cookbook, “Sam Choy & The Makaha Sons’ A Hawaiian Lu‘au” which includes an exclusive CD with some of the Makaha Sons’ most requested song selections.  These two items have a combined retail value of $49.50 and Sharlene is offering this combo for $35 plus $1.50 handling.  This special combination deal is only available from Sharlene Oshrio and she is also offering the Hawaii Theatre DVD at its new $20 price through her website at the following link:


Makaha Sons win the Na Hoku Hanohano Award for Music Video DVD of the Year

With great pride and appreciation, Moon Kauakahi accepted the first Na Hoku Hanohano Award for Music Video DVD of the Year at the 30th Annual Awards show for The Makaha Sons - Live at the Hawaii Theatre"!  The Sons are grateful to the members of The Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts, its voting members and all of you who have supported them through the years.

Earlier this year, the Sons were also honored to receive the Hawaii Music Award for Best DVD as well as the 2007 Legacy Award for Musical Group.  Mahalo to Johnny Kai and the Music Foundation of Hawaii for their gracious support.

This DVD truly is a labor of love and the Sons would like to thank Hoku Zuttermeister, Barry Kimokeo, Kealo Koko, Natalie Ai Kamauu and Halau Hula Olana for bringing all of their incredible talents to this project!

Sam Choy prepares a special dinner for Moon and Kyoko

Mahalo to Uncle Sam Choy for preparing a very special dinner for the Makaha Sons family in honor of Moon and Kyoko. It was a beautiful evening with good friends and an ono prime rib dinner. Uncle Sam, you are the best!!

The Koko Family Rejoices!

The Makaha Sons are proud to announce the wedding of Jerome & Kiku Koko and the birth of Pai‘ea Koko!

On May 8, 2007, Jerome Jr. & Kiku walked down the aisle in Las Vegas in a wedding attended by the Koko ‘Ohana including his dad and mom, Jerome Sr. & Yolanda and sisters Jeri-Lynn (with Hans) and Jessica (with David).  Uncle John Koko also attended with his wife, the beautiful No‘eau.  Moon Kauakahi and Sharlene Oshiro were also present for the celebration!

Just a few weeks later, on May 31, 2007, John and No‘eau became grandparents with the birth of their first grandchild, Pai‘ea Koko.  Pai‘ea was born to parents John Jr. & Misty Koko in Florida.  Papa John Sr. is looking forward to seeing baby Pai‘ea when the Sons perform in Florida on July 28, 2007.

What a busy year it has been for the Koko ‘Ohana and we're only half way through 2007!  Congratulations to the Koko's!

*Special Announcement*

The Makaha Sons are proud to announce that Hoku Zuttermeister's debut album, ‘Aina Kupuna is now available in stores around Hawai‘i and starting to appear in stores across the Mainland US and Japan as well.

You can also purchase ‘Aina Kupuna through the Makaha Sons' distributor, Sharlene Oshiro & Associates at the following link:

Purchase ‘Aina Kupuna

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